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What is Root Canal therapy in Wichita, ks?

illustration of tooth anatomy for tooth requiring root canal therapy in wichita ksRoot canal therapy removes infection from the inside of a tooth, known as the ‘root canal.’

A tooth that is severely decayed may become infected. If the infection spreads to the root, it may form a very painful abscess and continue to extend into the tooth pulp. In this case, root canal therapy, or endodontic treatment, is necessary to prevent the spread of infection and relieve this pain which can be excruciating. At Wichita Family Dental, our dentists perform root canal therapy without the need for a referral to an endodontist in most cases.

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Why Do I Need Root Canal therapy in Wichita, ks?

If you have a very big cavity or a cracked tooth, bacteria may enter and infect your tooth pulp. This can also occur if you have a filling that becomes loose or falls out. Infection will destroy your tooth pulp and may spread into your bone. This will cause your tooth to become loose, eventually requiring extraction.

Infected pulp is often painful as it is where your nerve tissue is located. Your tooth may be sensitive to hot or cold food and drinks. You may also experience pain when chewing, or a throbbing pain that keeps you awake at night and makes it difficult to concentrate. Root canal therapy at Wichita Family Dental can relieve this pain. It will also prevent the infection from spreading. In addition, root canal therapy will help you to preserve your natural tooth. If left untreated, a tooth with severe tooth decay will eventually become so loose that it needs to be removed. That missing space will require dental implants, dental crowns, or dental bridges, which can be expensive.

IS root canal therapy PAINFUL at Wichita family dental?

While patients are often anxious about root canal therapy, it can be less painful than a dental filling. It will relieve the pain you were experiencing prior to the procedure and your tooth will be restored to full function.

WHAT IS THE PROCESS FOR root canal therapy at Wichita family dental?

  1. patient looking at dentist in pain from infected tooth that needs root canal therapy in wichita, ksYour Wichita Family Dental dentist will remove the infected pulp from inside your root canal, including the nerve tissue.
  2. Your dentist will clean and seal your canals. This process causes your tooth to die. Without nerve tissue, you will no longer feel pain in that tooth.
  3. Root canal therapy makes your tooth more vulnerable to cracking or breaking. You will need a crown to cover the tooth. Without a crown, you may lose the tooth you were trying to save, so it’s very important that you get one as soon as possible.

Can I get root canal therapy and a dental Crown at Wichita Family Dental?

Yes! Wichita Family Dental uses CEREC technology for the majority of our patient’s dental crowns. This allows us to restore your damaged teeth in a single visit at our offices in Wichita, KS. We can perform your root canal AND seat your permanent dental tooth crown in just one day!

the wichita family dental difference – our IN-HOUSE dental lab

At Wichita Family Dental, your ceramist will create your dental crown without sending your case to a dental lab. Our on-site smile designer will image, design, and customize your crown in our Wichita dental office. You will speak directly to your ceramist, tell her exactly what you’re looking for, and get the results of your dreams in less time and with a smaller margin for error than offices that have to send cases out to dental labs.


Yes! Your Ceramist will use a shade guide to match your crown to the teeth on either side. They will also color and polish your crown to be nearly identical to your other teeth. Take a look at the image to the left. This is an example of an implant crown that was milled and colored to match the surrounding teeth perfectly so that no one will know it’s not your real tooth. 

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