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Bridges and Cerec® Dental Crowns in Wichita, KS


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Cerec Dental Crowns in Wichita, KS


A dental crown is a ceramic or porcelain cap that fits over the portion of a tooth above the gum line. It can hold together a severely cracked or broken tooth, protect a root-canal treated tooth, or act as an anchor for a dental bridge. Dental crowns can also improve the appearance of a tooth by adding length or width to misshapen teeth, masking tooth discolorations, and restoring a dental implant.

Wichita Family Dental uses CEREC® technology for the majority of our patients’ dental crowns. CEREC’s software creates a digital rendering of your dental crown and sends that information to our in-house ceramic mill. Your CEREC crown can be completed in just one visit, so you don’t need to wear a temporary dental crown or make several trips to our office to restore your smile.

With more than 30 years of experience in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Pierson can help you regain an ideal level of oral health with a fully customized CEREC crown. Schedule your complimentary consultation at our Wichita Family Dental office today!

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CEREC® in Wichita, KS

Wichita Family Dental Cerec

We are Wichita's local CEREC dentist for single-visit tooth restorations. Why go to the dentist a second time if you don't have to?

What is CEREC?

CEREC is a technology for restoring damaged teeth and this restoration can be completed in a single visit to the doctor's office. It makes your teeth stronger and more beautiful - all while keeping your teeth looking natural. The restoration is metal-free and the high-grade ceramic material is compatible with the natural tissue found in your mouth.

The CEREC Process for Dental Crowns

During your appointment, you and your doctor will discuss the details of the procedure and your doctor will answer any questions you may have. Your doctor will then apply a thin layer of reflective powder onto your tooth and will use a special 3D imaging camera to take a photo of your tooth. Using CEREC's proprietary software, your restoration will be designed according to your tooth's appropriate form and function. Then, CEREC will use diamond burs to create your restoration out of a piece of ceramic. Finally, the ceramic restoration is bonded to your tooth using state-of-the-art adhesive dentistry.

Why Choose CEREC for Dental Crowns?

There are many advantages of using CEREC over traditional dental crown technology:

  • Time: CEREC crowns are made in one visit, saving you considerable time away from your job and family.
  • Comfort: With CEREC, there is no need for a temporary dental crown, eliminating significant potential discomfort.
  • Aesthetics: The strong, tooth-colored ceramic materials of CEREC restore your teeth to their natural strength, beauty, and function, and closely match the composition of your natural tooth structure.
  • Strength: Milled ceramic is stronger than the traditional method of layering and pressing, so your smile will stay beautiful for years!
  • Fillings: CEREC material and technology can also be used for fillings. Since these fillings are made out of porcelain, they are more durable than white composite fillings.

Bridges in Wichita, KS

bridgesA bridge may be used to replace missing teeth, help maintain the shape of your face, and alleviate stress on your bite.

A bridge replaces missing teeth with artificial teeth, looks great, and literally bridges the gap where one or more teeth may have been. Your bridge can be made from gold, alloys, porcelain, or a combination of these materials and is bonded onto surrounding teeth for support.

The success of any bridge depends on its foundation — the other teeth, gums, or bone to which it is attached. Therefore, it’s very important to keep your existing teeth, gums, and jaw healthy and strong.

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