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Root Canal Therapy in Wichita, KS


root canalsThe doctors at Wichita Family Dental are root canal experts. A root canal treatment is recommended to try to repair or to salvage a tooth that has severely decayed and become infected.  When the nerve of the tooth becomes infected and the pulp is already damaged, a root canal may save the original tooth and maintain its function instead of extracting it and replacing it with an artificial one.  To stop the infection, your Wichita Family Dental doctor will remove the dental nerve and pulp inside your tooth.  The tooth will then be cleaned and sealed to prevent further damage.  If left untreated, an abscess may form and extend the infection beyond the tooth root.  This can result in swelling of parts of the face and possible bone loss.

Patients are a bit apprehensive when told that they have to undergo a root canal because they fear it is an excruciating procedure.  But most of our patients actually say that it’s less painful than a dental filling.

Benefits of a Root Canal

  • Relieves pain associated with tooth decay or infection
  • Preserves your natural teeth and their function
  • Can prevent the spread of infection 
  • Covered by many insurance plans

What is a root canal procedure like at Wichita Family Dental?

Your Wichita Family Dental doctor will carefully evaluate your situation and present a customized treatment plan based on your consultation and a series of tests such as x-rays. A root canal is typically done in one visit at Wichita Family Dental.  Your dentist will drill a hole into the damaged tooth to create an access point to the nerve and dental pulp.  Then your dentist will use dental files to work down the full length of your tooth and clean out the nerves and the dental pulp and scrape off the sides of your root canals.  Once your dentist is sure that all the debris has been cleaned and there are no more traces of dental pulp or nerves left, your doctor may apply medication to ensure that the infection is eradicated.

Inside the tooth, your dentist will use a sealer paste and a rubber compound. To complete the procedure and restore the look and feel of your tooth, your dentist will use tooth colored fillings that will be molded and shaped to look like your natural tooth.  If the tooth surface was severely damaged, your dentist will talk to you about using dental crowns or other restorative options to restore the full function of your tooth.

Things you should know about root canal therapy at Wichita Family Dental

We make it a point to inform our patients at Wichita Family Dental of the risks associated with a root canal.  We do guarantee that after a root canal, patients will be relieved of the pain that they were feeling prior to the procedure and that their teeth will be restored to full function.  However, without proper oral care after the procedure is done, the tooth can become infected again and retreatment may be required.  Also, the normal wear and tear of the restoration could breakdown the seal of the treated tooth and contaminate it again.